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Our Mission

       The Old Georgetown Ranch, LLC. mission is to be a multi-functional ranch that will be a grower of high-quality turkeys for Prestage Farms, LLC., a horse boarding facility with different levels of care, a facility with many amenities for horse enthusiasts, quality hay, an Extended Stay room for overnight riders and a place that will glorify God. Old Georgetown Ranch has decided to implement its vision into several different phases to accomplish all it goals in the up coming months and years. Phase 1, was started in September of 2022 with the formation of the company and with the offering of a horse boarding facility. In May 2023 we closed on the property, which was the beginning of the turkey growing operation dba - Old Georgetown Farm. The horse boarding facility currently has four stalls available in pasture 1 with quality grass. Pasture 2 offers high quality grass without any stalls. We also have a round pen for the use of training and exercise if needed. At the completion of Phase 1 there will be a workout arena, an additional round pen, a parking area for workout arena clients, lockers for full/partial boarders, 4 additional stalls(total of 8 stalls) in pasture 1 and 8 additional stalls in pasture 2. Phase 1 will also include offering an Airbnb room for overnight clients or for the occasional traveler needing a place to rest. Phase 1 is scheduled to be completed by the winter of 2024. Phase 2, will begin in 2024.  We will be adding three additional pastures to the property. Pastures 3 and 4 will be at the front of the property and pasture 5 will be at the back of the property. This phase will also include adding a 2 mile riding trail. Phase 2, will also begin the planning for offering wedding venues and other celebrations that happen through out each year. Phase 3, to be determined…as the Holy Spirit leads we will follow.

Old Georgetown Ranch

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